Writing 101 Day 1: An Interesting Title for this Eludes Me

7:13. Free-writing. Its tough. Tougher than most people may think. Tougher than most writers may think, too. I don’t really know what to write since I don’t normally free-write. I usually have an idea in my head, something I know I am going to write about, before I actually sit down to write. The rest is just my imagination running around, usually, and though it may sound like free-writing, its not, since I am finding it difficult to find words here. Okay, lets just jump down to a new paragraph…

7:16. Aaand I don’t know why I jumped to a new paragraph. Let’s just go with the flow, shall we? That’s what this is all about anyways, right? Well, I could talk about how I met my uncle’s dog the day before yesterday. Yeah, I’m gonna talk about that. So his name is Ruckus. Quite appropriately, in fact and his breed will forever remain a mystery. My uncle did find him on the street, and a certain furry connection to it and its under-fed curs is prominent. Though that’s all the connection you will find in him.

I love dogs and there’ve been dogs in some of my previous short stories as well and there always will be. Dogs have never been a part of my direct family, since we have a small house and its residents (excluding me and my sister) are not great admirers of the species, in general. But since my uncle unearthed this dog and took him in, I have been a regular visitor of his. It helps a lot that he lives pretty close to where I do.

7:20. I could talk about the weather too. Maybe. Probably. Yeah, weather it is. Easy topic to shift to. Small talk is my thang. Well, not really. But since I’m supposed to just keep writing here for twenty minutes, let’s talk about the weather. You people have no choice but to read on. So its been a weird couple of days here in Mumbai when it comes to the weather. There’ve been spells of rain in some parts and dust storms not very far back and its all pointing to an early monsoon. Again. Wait. Is there’ve a word? I’ve used it like so many times already. A little red curvy-line thing says its not a word. Oh well. Too late now. I’m just going to keep going on.

I don’t know what to write. Again. Just staring at the wall clock now. Now at the clouds outside. Now the engine oil I use for my cycle. Yeah, engine oil for an engine-less vehicle. Funny. Now at my grandpa just looking out at said clouds. Now at the wall clock again. Speaking of wall, my house has been under repairs for the past couple of weeks and it looks like its gonna take a couple of weeks more. Nothing much actually, just breaking the ceiling and the pillars and the beams down, and then cementing them again to create stronger walls and ceilings. And then painting it. While creating a lot of dust and allergic reactions and inconvenience and cement stains and less space to use and more along the way. Easy peasy.

Uhmm… I just had to abandon my laptop for about 8 minutes here to lug some heavy baggage up the stairs for my grandma who just got back from her hometown. So… I get 8 minutes extra right? Pleeaaassse. Okay thanks! (I just took the liberty myself and yes I am ashamed of that but I had to do it. Gotta keep writing yo).

Well… so its a Tuesday. And, oh, I got my marksheet for the Xth Grade Board Exams from school today. Yeah that’s all I got to say ’bout that.

So yeah, time’s up and this wasn’t fun 🙂 Yay I started Writing 101. (That was a completely, utterly, non – enthusiastic, fake yay back there, just by the way). But, no seriously, as difficult as this was, I acknowledge its utility in the long ‘un. Teehee I just punned there, didn’t I? Yeah, no I didn’t. Anyways.

This is getting kinda wordy.

*flies away*


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