Day 7: Contrast Through Dialogue

One always overpowers the other. Its upto you to choose which.
                                                             One always overpowers the other. Its upto you to choose which.                                                         Image from 9gag

Okay, so this post is going to be a little slow, so please bear that in mind as you read it. Today’s prompt and twist were equally challenging and I was audacious enough to take them both on and the result’s really not for me to judge, beyond a certain extent. To that extent, I think its not as good as I would have wanted it, but its pretty satisfying nonetheless.

The boy’s laptop pinged. It was a message from a close friend.

“Hey! You’re up so late?” It was 11 in the night.

“Hey! Yeah. Not sleepy,” he replied.

“So what’s up?” Usual social lingo fallback.

“Nothing much. Just getting inspired.”

“Lol what do you mean?”

“Just looking at things and thinking.”

“And, that’s how you get inspired? Why the need for inspiration at 11 in the night?”

He typed something using the keypad, but then deleted it using the backspace.

“No particular reason. Just not sleepy, is all,” is what he typed in and sent finally.

“Well, I’m not sleepy too, so what do you look at to get inspired?” she was sleepy, in all truth. Her eyes were red, and watery, but not just from looking at her phone screen under  low light.

“Anything. Everything.”

“What :D?” She was clearly confused.

“Yeah, I mean, inspiration’s everywhere, right? :D” He had always been very positive.

“No, its not :D”
“Are you always so…”

She left the sentence at ‘so’ and he waited for a minute or two thinking she would continue. But she didn’t.

“Naive? Naive’s the word you’re looking for?” he completed the sentence for her, the way she wanted, he hoped.

“I guess, yeah. I don’t mean it that way, though,” she typed in and hit the ‘send’ button.

“I know.”

He trusted her a lot. He didn’t know why, in spite of all that had happened between them. Though that was quite some time ago. Now they were ‘mature’, they liked to say. They were over all that kind of stuff.

“It’s just that… that’s not how inspiration works for me.”

“That’s not how inspiration works for many, I suppose. It does for me, though.”

“All I’m saying is that it is humanly not possible to find inspiration, or ‘something good’ in everything around you.” She always believed that for her, considering the kind of life she lived, with the kind of people she lived it with and around, it would always be ‘not possible’.

“They say that there’s some good in everything and everybody :D”

“Well, that’s just something they say.” Some things were playing on her mind and she was worked up a bit.

“Humour me. (Are you surely not-angry? Cause I sense something. Just saying)”

She didn’t like the way he could almost always tell when she was angry, or sad or just about anything but normal. And in most cases of anger or sadness, or both, she just declared she was not.

“Hahaha no, I’m okay!” She never did a good job at feigning and he always did a good job at noticing that.
“Okay, I’ll humour you, Mr. Inspiration XD. People who are hopelessly out of inspiration say that inspiration’s everywhere. Not to say that you’re ‘hopelessly’ out of it, but you are looking for it. And, inspiration is not everywhere. Would you get inspired if you looked at, say, failure, death, stuff like that?

“As a matter of fact, I would. Not kidding.”

“Okay, you are hopelessly out of it.”

“Hahaha what, because I would get inspired even by that? No, I would get inspired by that anytime. Just how meesa is =D.”

“You know you are too optimistic, right? :D” She didn’t know her ‘close friend’ as well as she had thought.

“Yeah, I have been told.”

“Just that, not everybody can be optimistic.”

“Why are you even talking about that, Aarya? You know you don’t have to talk about that.”

“Yeah, I know. I can’t help if the thought comes around randomly.”

“I know. I’m sorry if what we’re talking about led to its coming around.”

“I mean, who would think..”

“..that talking about inspiration…”

“…would lead to the topic changing to…”

“…what somebody’s own parent…”

“Stop, Aarya. You should probably go sleep. Seriously.”

“Don’t you get it? I can’t sleep!”

The chat screen said: Aarya has logged off 


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