Day 9: Three People In A Park

A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. The man begins to cry. Write this scene.

Today’s twist: write the scene from three different points of view: from the perspective of the man, then the woman, and finally the old woman.


Man’s POV


Maaaan, its six already! I have to finish that report. I’m probably going to lose my job. Death at the park. Perfect! ‘Happy wife, happy life!’ Yeah, awesome advice. I hope it doesn’t rain today. Looks like its going to rain today. Death at the park by drowning. Even better!

Why are we holding hands? Are we teenagers again? Did I get here in a DeLorean? I still can’t see my feet so I guess not.

Oh, look at the poor old lady! She looks kinda happy though! Sewing a sweater, now? In the monsoon? That’s cute. But kinda useless. I wish I had a grandma like her.

Why are those girls wearing such short skirts. Ugh where’s the world going?! What’s with all the selfies these days? Oh, my phone just buzzed. Shit, its the boss. ‘S-e-n-d-i-n-g <space> t-h-e <space> r-e-p-o-r-t <space> b-y <space> e-m-a-i-l <space> i-n <space> 2-h-r-s <space> -m-a-x.’ I am definitely getting the boot tomorrow. When are we getting out of here. Sweaty hands! Oh, she’s looking at you! Smile! Now, Kiss! Whoo! Genius saves the day!

“Ooh, darling I’m going to go get a hot dog. You want one?” She doesn’t want one. Oh okay then. Why does she look pissed? Probably something with the maid.

Wait, where’d she go? I’d just gone about 3 minutes to get the hot dog and now she’s vanished. Oh, there she is. Oh, the hot dog’s going cold. This thing is good. She should try it. “You should try this, honey. No? Okay.” She is pissed. Ooh very spicy, VERY SPICY, VERY SPICY! WHAT THE HELL IS IN THIS, GODDAMN SATAN’S PISS?!! GIVE ME SOME WATER! ICE CREAM! SPICY! TONGUE… ON… FIRE!! NO, I’M NOT GOING TO CRY. I’M NOT GOING TO GODDAMN CRY! Okay I’m crying.


Woman’s POV


Oh, this is wonderful. We’ve hardly had time to hang out like this. So peaceful. Wait, are my hair right? Is my lipstick smudged? Oh, what the hell, I don’t care. Just being with him is so good. It’s probably going to rain today. It shouldn’t rain today! My shoes will be ruined. Oh, the horror! Oh, why is it so windy! I just did my hair!

That old lady’s doing the sewing wrong. No you go down then you bring it back up! No.. not that way… you old… no… down first… oh forget it. Why doesn’t she just use a sewing machine? Much faster. This sweater is going to fall apart as soon as someone wears it, I guarantee it.

Aww look at those young girls! I remember how me and my girlfriends used to hang out. That was fun. That was probably fun than this. Shh you can’t think like that! His phone just buzzed. Can’t get some time out. I feel like throwing away all this modern stuff. Its so restrictive. I mean, come on, I shut off my phone. This looks serious. Why is he sweating? Its not that hot. Is it my sweaty palms? I hope its not my sweaty palms. Its definitely my sweaty palms. He’s kinda fat but I just love his wavy hair. Oh, he noticed I was looking at him! Oh, he’s going to kiss me! *Smoooch*

Whaaaat? Now he wants a hot dog, the fatso. We were having  a romantic stroll here. What the hell is wrong with him? Did I put him off? Sweaty palms, you bastards. I probably put him off. He’s so unromantic. But then probably all men are. Maybe if I act pissed he’ll notice and he’ll probably say sorry or something. Okay, bitchy mode activated. Ooh he’s coming back! This is it!

“No I don’t want to taste your hot dog.” Oh, that looks really spicy. He’s going all red. He’s getting really red. He’s sweating like hell. Whaat? Is he crying? Oh my god he’s crying ohmygod he looks so cute! I just want to squish his little red face!


Old Woman’s POV 

Oh I just love this weather. Harold would have loved to be here. The War took a toll on him. I hope the boy likes this sweater. I hear red’s the favourite of all boys these days. Blue was in back in the day. Modern world! Just beyond me. I can’t even use the TV properly.

I hope it doesn’t rain today. It’s going to just ruin my sewing. It looks like its going to rain today. I should leave in a while now. Walking back itself is going to take another half an hour. Damn this hip of mine! Oh, forgive me, Lord! Do not damn my hip!

Oh such a lovely couple! Ooh, they’re looking at me! Smile! Yes, that’s it. Gently does it. If only people would look after their weight these days. Look at the fellow, I bet he can hardly see his feet through all that tummy fat. Lord save them!

Ooh I’m almost down to the waist. I’ll be done in no time! Ooh I love sewing! Oh the woman looks might angry. You have to look after the wife, deary. Oh, how well Harold looked after me. I was an angel to him. Oh, I miss him. Damn the War! Yes, Lord, the War, you can damn. Oh, another mistake there young man! You don’t just abandon a romantic walk for a hot dog. No wonder he can’t see his feet. Lord save him! She looks really angry now. Does not surprise me.

Oh he’s fuming! That thing looks mighty spicy! Oh! Oh he’s crying the poor thing. Look how the wife consoles him. Such a cute little couple. Lord be by them!


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