Notification: The Elapsed Eventuality

I had published the first chapter, titled ‘Dawn‘ of a long story I was beginning to write (The Elapsed Eventuality). This post is about that.

I had mentioned in the introduction of the new story, that I would publish new chapters as soon as I was done writing them, which may take from a few days to more than that. Its been some time since I published that post and I have started working on the next chapter and then some more but I haven’t published them here.

I gave this a fair amount of thought, and I’m now going to write the whole story at once and then publish it as a whole probably as an e-book or something, which I haven’t really decided. So I guess you’ll have to regard the previous post as a preview to my story, though it is most probably going to be the first chapter of the final draft.

This will obviously take time (the first long story I started writing was back in 2010, and I wrote it for almost three years before finally abandoning it. This won’t turn out that way, though).

I just want to thank everybody who maybe read the first chapter. Do stick around when I finally publish the story. I will let you people know once I do.

Thanks 🙂

Published by Jai Vyas

20 year old, Indian, blogger, avid reader, Manchester United FC follower, movie and TV show nut, among other seemingly random stuff. Has a fierce interest in psychology and behaviour, is a bit of a lazy perfectionist who noticed the oxymoron but decided to leave it up, likes clouds and the little things in life.

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