At One of Life’s Many Crossroads

There are two kinds of people in the world: the ones that treat everything as an event and those that treat nothing as one.

I believe, at the moment, I am stuck between the two and I keep jumping from one side to the other now and again.

They say, going to college is a redefining experience (like that’s going to work well in my conversations in the college canteen). People remember all the fun times at college, the days that they made their best friends, the day they enjoyed a hot snack in the pouring rains and blistering winds, or the warm, sunny, spring afternoon when they just relaxed in the college grounds.

"No, Jai. People do notice your shoes." Thanks for the advice. I JUST RUINED MY BEST SHOES IN THE RAIN.
“No, Jai. People do notice your shoes. But for the love of God, don’t wear green pants. Or red or orange.” “Why?” I asked. “Because we ain’t hippies.” That guy was weird. But his advice was pretty sound, I guess.

What people don’t remember is their first day at college, and even if they do remember it, they usually say there was nothing out of the blue about it. Maybe it is true, but they say that looking back at life. There surely was something that stuck in their head when they got back home from the first day of college. They just don’t remember it now.

The first day of college is always different from all the days before it. It could be the different route you take to get to college, or the feel of the campus, or the new faces, or the classrooms, or it could be all of these and much more. It just feels insignificant after a while but I can say that there’s only one way the first day of college can be ordinary, and that’s if you don’t go.

The last three paragraphs must have told you what kind of person I’m being at the moment.

I think people should not forget what happened on their first day at college or their first day at any new situation in life, one that’s going to last for a significant amount of time, like university or their first job. Not only does it bolster you by telling you how far you’ve come at the end of it all but it also makes for light jokes if you were a scared little weasel on the first day. If everybody thinks of it from this point of view, I am sure that they would all think up their own ways how not forgetting the first day comes handy.

I just began college last week and while there were moments on my first day where I didn’t know what to do, where to look, how to not feel shy, I realised that all the others around me were also probably feeling the same. I remembered another quote (yes, I’m quite into quotes): “If you don’t feel confident, fake it. It will come.”

Probably nobody in the history of college education has ever had the kind of first day of college they would have dreamt of the night before but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming about it for the next few days.

All of us have, at least once, imagined our lives to be movies. How different would have my first day of college been if it was in a movie directed by Michael Bay? I would probably be stopped by security because they would, in that moment, find some error in my ID that was previously not present and while we were having a heated argument on my existence in the books, without any reason, the college buildings would start exploding and everybody would start running haywire. Then maybe a slick guy in aviators and a leather jacket would pull up in an Aventador or a Camaro and shout “Get in!” And then he would take me to some covert base or an underground garage or something of the sort and brief me on how ‘we’ have been ‘attacked’ and that I’m the only hope to humanity.

Huh. That’s tedious.

What if Quentin Tarantino was the one to be roped in? The first thing I would notice when I walked into the college campus would be that everybody’s clothes looked really baggy because they would all have huge pouches of fake blood underneath, so that they’re all gruesomely bloody when they’re eventually shot (twenty times, just to be sure) to death.

That’s nearly as tedious. And gory, no less.

Maybe I should just hire Peter Jackson or Steven Spielberg or Wes Anderson.

2 thoughts on “At One of Life’s Many Crossroads”

  1. I remember that I ate lunch alone a LOT during my first week. If every table is full, I usually muster up the courage to ask permission to share with someone who’s also going solo. I always fantasized that that’s the way how I’d the love of my life. Alas, I never spoke to any of those strangers I ate lunch with.

    If Wes Anderson would direct my life, all moments in my life would be Instagram worthy! I love how you imagined your life if ever directors would be in charge of it.


    1. The canteen at my college is pretty small compared to the number of kids using it so there is almost never a table that has less than four people so I just have to squish in somewhere and the first few days I sat with different people every time and hardly made any conversation.

      Thank you so much! 🙂


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