The Traitor: Chapter Two

The Traitor

This is Chapter Two in  ‘The Traitor Series’. Haven’t read Chapter One? Do it now by clicking here!

“It wasn’t his fault and you know it!” Special Agent In-Charge, Miles Ellis pushed his palm onto the desk to emphasise his point. He was red in the face and was defiantly defending his own.

“Now, Miles. Calm down. This is the Deputy Assistant Director you’re talking to. Just think, you don’t want to say anything rash and…” he was interrupted.

“I know damn well who this is, Rob. And I’m not going to stand meaningless cruelty like this. The man deserves a second chance. We all do.”

Rob Engelworth was the Unit Chief.

“Don’t we?” the Deputy Assistant Director piped in. He was quite young for a position of his kind. Just 47. But he took pride in his job and he didn’t appreciate anybody questioning his motives, especially when they were well-justified. In this case, he wasn’t so sure, but orders are orders.
“Just please sit down Mr. Ellis, sir. Now I know that you have faith in your boys but we’re not going through a particularly nice time at the Bureau with all the Governmental controversies and… well you know all about it. At a time like this, we absolutely cannot afford slip-ups like these. You know that chain should have been noticed.”

“He’s right.” Engelworth said. “But, Mr. Sidwell I do believe the man should get a second chance. He was a hell of an agent. Is. A hell of an agent, I mean. If he has his eye on the ball, I’ve never seen him lose sight of it. This was an exception, but the chain was pretty concealed. Not something people pay attention to.”

Doug Sidwell smiled. “Yes I’ve seen his cases. He’s effective. But we don’t pay them to not pay attention to details. Sometimes, like in this case, details are what do you in. I have orders. I cannot turn them around. He will be suspended till further notice.”

“Damn you Sidwell!” Ellis couldn’t keep his cool anymore. “Boyd isn’t dead you know? We do have leads too.” Rob nervously patted Ellis on the shoulder in an attempt to just make him sit down, have some water and calm down.

“No he ain’t dead but he sure as hell isn’t waking up for quite some time, thanks to the coma he’s put himself in. And you know that those ‘leads’ are a pile of shit. Nothing comes close to Morgan Boyd. Tell your boy to clean up his desk by today evening. You’ll probably have a transfer to his position by tomorrow.”

Ellis was evidently fuming but he didn’t dare say anything further because Sidwell was not too calm either. Engelworth just kept patting Ellis’s shoulder and signaled towards the water.

Sidwell turned the doorknob and just before stepping out, he said something that lightened the room just a little bit. “I’ll try my best, Ellis, but I can’t guarantee anything. Don’t come crying to me if your boy ends up never turning up.”

“That’s all I can ask for, Doug.” Ellis was already composed.


Wesley Frazier. Special Agent” Those were the words printed on the door to Wesley’s office. He sat at his desk and kept looking at them. Soon they would be scraped off. He remembered the time he was given an office, the only special agent ever to have an office. He was that good. He knew he was going to be suspended, or maybe even worse.

In a few minutes, Miles Ellis ambled over to Wesley’s office and slowly pushed the creaky door open. He looked at Wesley helplessly and sighed a loud, heavy sigh. It just seemed to push both their hearts into their stomachs. Wesley nodded and stood up as if he didn’t have faith in his own legs. He walked over to Ellis and extended his arm. They shook hands and Ellis sighed again.

“I’m sorry, son. I tried.”

“Its been an honour, sir.”

They both shook hands one final time and Ellis ambled away, head hanging down, hands tucked in his pockets.

Wesley pulled out a box from one corner of his office and started filling it with his belongings. In an hour he was done. He had a long, last look at what had been his home for the past six years, and walked towards the elevator.

“Hey Wesley my man! Jimenez is taking us all… whoa whoa what the hell?! Wesley And The Box. What happened man?”

“Hi Cole. I messed up.”



“My bad man. I thought the box had some files or something. Hey, I’ll give you a ride home.”

“Nah, I’ve got to go someplace else before home. I don’t want you gone during hours. Who knows they’ll probably fire your ass too.”

“There he is! There he is! Fine you drive yourself but I’m coming to pick you up at seven, Jimenez is taking us all out to the diner.”

“I’ll see you man.”

Wesley got into his car and drove to 53 Amber Lane.


Jacob Cross sat at his desk and looked at all the files he had to go through in the next few hours. All he knew about them was that they were about a guy called Moran Boyd, who was currently in a coma. He waited for his name to get put up on the door. He opened up the first file in the stack.

He had just about read the personal details of Morgan Boyd when a tall, slender, brunette knocked on the open door of his office.

“Mr. Cross? The SAC, Mr. Ellis has called for you urgently.”

Cross nodded in acknowledgement. The lady gave a warm smile and walked away.

Cross went through Boyd’s bio once more, shut the file and stood up. He looked into his phone screen and adjusted his hair. He tucked in his shirt properly, straightened out a few creases, corrected the dimple in his tie and put on his coat and walked to the SAC’s office.

He saw the same lady sitting outside his office. She knocked on the door twice, opened the door and motioned him inside. She gave that warm smile again.

“Come in Jacob. And welcome!” The SAC looked really tired. There was a badly concealed bottle of Scotch sitting behind a pillow on the couch.

“Thank you, Mr. Ellis. You wanted to see me?”

“I did. Yes. I did.” Ellis looked like he didn’t expect Cross to come in at this moment. He was trying to find his words. “Jacob, you have been assigned the Morgan Boyd case along with Junior Agent Michael Weiss, I’m sure you’ve been told.”

“Yes, sir. The case files were just delivered to me about a half hour back. Quite a case.”

“It is. Now this case is very important, not only to the country’s security but also to me. A lot of stuff is blacked out in those files. Eyes only. However, since you are an agent on this case I am authorised to give you that information. Morgan Boyd is a traitor.”

Cross was taken aback. This wasn’t a big case, it was a huge case. And it was a case of a lifetime.

“Now, this case was previously handled by a Wesley Frazier. He had the same office as yours. He was suspended from duty yesterday, by the Deputy Assistant Director Doug Sidwell. Morgan Boyd. Name of the aforementioned traitor. Former FBI. That’s right, he was an agent just like you and Frazier. In fact, he and Frazier trained together. They were good friends. Yeah. Anyhoo, I take it you’ve heard of that website that had all those State secrets out on the public domain. We had to track down the guy who put it all up there. Another WikiLeaks thing, only hey had stuff WikiLeaks didn’t. Morgan and Wesley were two of the eleven agents we put on the case. Now the Director had ordered an authorised strike on this guy’s home. No extravagance, just a bunch of agents pulling out of his hole and pushing him into ours. Turns out he had put up some stuff about some of USA’s big cover-ups in the last few months. Stuff like that big lawsuit against a company selling frozen foods. The one where people said their food was afflicted with bacteria and they didn’t check it properly. Turns out this up-and-coming magnate paid off the plaintiffs because he had a considerable share in the company and if this case went forward the company would lose resources and eventually shut down. Now this magnate was also running for Mayor in New York and he had personal connections with POTUS. And that’s why the Government wanted this guy who leaked these State secrets.”

“That’s some messed up stuff right there, sir. How did Boyd turn, though?” Cross was not completely an amateur. He knew about such inside dealings of the Government and this didn’t surprise him much.

“I’m getting there. Now, a party approached Boyd to extract information about that same case, while Morgan was still on that case. We trust our agents but we keep an eye on them. A call was intercepted from a blocked number on Boyd’s personal phone. It was pretty scrambled and they did a good job at keeping their call discrete. We couldn’t get much but apparently Boyd was going to meet whoever it was somewhere near a car factory outside Pittsburgh. We found a Zenta Car Factory roughly matching the vague description of a place we picked up in the call. We didn’t know when they were to meet but we deployed a three-man team immediately with backup within 5 miles. Wesley hesitated but he agreed to be a part of it. He knew Morgan and we thought maybe that would help. Now the guy he was meeting with, escaped when our three man squad closed in on them. Two followed that guy and Wesley followed Morgan. Morgan ran into the factory with Wesley in pursuit, and the files will tell you the rest of the story. The other guy shot our two agents, not fatally though, and he had a car waiting for him about a mile away and he fled. We just have fragments of a trail of him but nothing solid.”

Cross was really interested by now. It was definitely a case that, if he really managed to even scratch at the surface of, would get him some recognition around here.

Ellis continued. “You will read in the files that Morgan attempted to end his life on the roof of the car factory by consuming a suicide pill hanging from a chain on his neck. I was there. We all thought the case was done and our futures at the Bureau were in the sewers. But it turns out that our friend Boyd didn’t check the potency and the constituents of his drug to perfection. He vomited fourteen times on the way to the hospital; that completely dehydrated him. He fell unconscious for four and a half days. Suddenly, while unconscious he had a severe seizure and went into a coma. His tests also showed that he had diabetes, although his tests from before at the Bureau showed no signs of it. Doctors said that those reports were over five years old and that it could have developed during that interval.”

Cross was completely engrossed and he was already fantasizing at the different possible ways this case could go down, and how he would emerge as the hero. He blew this thoughts away. Finally he said, with a smile, “Pretty fascinating stuff, sir. What do I need to do?”

“Well, Cross, you and Weiss are to track down that guy who’s on the run. The files will brief you on everything. He is are only real lead here and he CANNOT leave the country. I bet this shitty office that he’s definitely thinking of doing so.”

“Sure thing, sir. I’m on it.”

Cross stood up and buttoned up his coat before shaking the SAC’s hand. He had his hand on the doorknob when it opened from the other side. It was Mr. Ellis’s brunette secretary and she walked in and stood a little ahead Cross as if she didn’t even see him. She had a little gleam in her eyes.

“Sir, you’ll want to see this.” She handed Ellis a clipboard which had a few sheets of paper clipped in it.

Ellis looked at Cross before taking the board from her.

He read the first three pages for a good three to four minutes and occasional exclamations left his lips. “My God this is amazing, Paula!”


Cross made a mental note.

Ellis had just turned over to the fourth page. The mysterious secretary turned her head and looked back at Cross who was still waiting at the door. She smiled that smile again. It confused Cross.

“Holy mother of God. Cross, we’re going to the Intelligence Room right now. Gear up, take everything you need. Out in the field on the first day, be grateful.”

“What’s going on sir? I…assume we found something?” Jacob Cross was thoroughly confused and at the same time thoroughly pumped for what was coming.

“Well, Jacob, our man Morgan is recovering. The Doc gives him another couple of weeks to wake up. But that’s not the highlight of the day. Intelligence picked up a credit card transaction from our on-the-run accomplice about a hundred miles from the Mexican Border in Texas.”


Chapter Three is out now! Go check it out by clicking here. Happy reading!

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