How To NOT Follow Up With a Publisher/Editor

Hi there!

Its me again.

Well, I know you told me to get back to you once I ‘tweaked’ my plot the way you told me to, and since I haven’t done it yet you must be thinking why exactly is it that I’ve sent you a seventh e-mail in two days. No, I did hear you when you were listing the things that needed to be changed but uhm…


I know I’ve got a good story here but this below is actually how my ideas are.

writer spring cleaning

Okay, I’m just going to say it. I’ve had this thought for a while now and I didn’t speak up because, well, you’re my publisher (not to mention intimidating).

I’m going through a bit of a…creative block right now.

But you probably figured that out.

You see, I really like to write. Its one of my great passions and it shares a very great place with things like good movies, ice-cream, beaches, coffee, Dire Straits and 9gag. But the thing is, I have realised, I don’t do a lot of justice to the writing part when a deadline looms over me like Eddie watching Chandler sleep.

So… get back to me maybe? With some ideas?


2 thoughts on “How To NOT Follow Up With a Publisher/Editor

    1. Hi! Yeah, I’ve been keeping up. Just that the last assignment (the one about the widget name changing) kinda passed me by because I already had a lot of widgets whose names I was content with. I did tweak them a little, though. But thank you so so much for dropping by! I know the assignment says we have to comment where we haven’t before but I’m gonna come over to your blog and drop a comment anyways. 🙂 See you around!

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