Blogging 101 Assignment: Be a Good Neighbour

Yesterday’s assignment was to ‘be a good (virtual) neighbour’.

Blogging is of course heavily dependent on the writing and posting part but it definitely isn’t restricted to that. A big chunk of viewership (at least in the initial stages of the blog) depends on socialising and contributing to others’ blogs. This includes liking, commenting and sharing. Somewhere, I knew this when I started my blog but I never got around to doing any part of the socialising for various reasons.

The courses that Blogging U offers, are amazing ways to meet new people and through Blogging 101 I’ve already met quite a few awesome fellow bloggers, and the course isn’t even over yet!

So here are four blogs I would like to recommend.

Behold the Infinite

Amazing short stories, great style of writing, and a unique way with words. Plus I love the tagline.

The Epic Blog

First person I’ve come across who is into mythology, does Bollywood movie reviews and has a great taste in poetry.

Pan – American Perros

I’ve always wanted to do a lot of travelling once I grow up. This blog satisfies that urge to see the world, for it has great photos, great writing and DOGS!!!

Shachi Shetty

This one belongs to a friend from college. She has just begun blogging but writes some wonderful poetry.

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