How I’ll Be Using My Fridays Productively

I’ll be compiling and posting a list of quotes, that’s how.

My ‘Awesome Quotes I Came By’ now has its very own dedicated page where I’ll be posting more Awesome Quotes every Friday till whenever the internet runs out of quotes. Then I’ll start making up a few of my own.

You can see the page (Awesome Quotes) in the menu in the sidebar to the left. You can also click here to go there as fast as your internet connection can take you.

Just in case, you end up liking some quotes or maybe want me to feature a quote of a particular person (because, sure I’ve got that kind of time on my hands) or anything like that, feel free to drop a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Happy quote – browsing and I hope they inspire or at least crack you up (like, what the hell kind of 16 year old guy is into quotes?).

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