A Little Fleeting Moment of Happiness

Holy. Shit.

That was a very very delayed holy shit. This aforementioned little fleeting moment of happiness came a couple months ago but somehow I’m only blogging about it now.

So, the scene is this. I was reading David Baldacci’s book ‘Total Control’ (about which I wrote a post earlier), and then I looked him up a bit and found myself ransacking his website for tidbits about him and realised I can actually get in touch with him (which I presumed meant a live decoy computer programme created to sound creepily similar to him) via email. I also realised he is the kind of writer that doesn’t care much beyond writing, in the sense that he doesn’t do collaborations or mentoring or anything of that sort. He doesn’t even reply to his fan mail on his own, though I can understand how tedious that would be and hope he at least has some input on the replies sent by his secretary or whoever. Point is, I sent him an email where I might have gushed a lot about him, his book and his writing. And some might get the impression I was being too fangirl-y. But that’s not the point.

This is the point. I actually got a reply to the email, though not from Baldacci himself, obviously. But its still a big deal. Its a pretty big deal. I obviously have image proof so don’t start squinting or scoffing just yet.




You’ve got to admit, though, that the John Puller thing at the end is kinda pushing it don’t you think? 😛

What did this post make you think of? Let me know!

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