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Awesome quotes started out as a weekly Friday-feature where I posted a collection of quotes based on a theme. A new theme was taken up every week.

It is now an event open to everybody!

(Since my 12th Grade Finals are about to commence, I’m temporarily keeping the event open till they end, that is, the current quote will be applicable up until my Finals end, on the 21st of March, 2016. A new quote will then be put up on the nearest Friday, the 25th of March, 2016.)

Quote for 12th Feb – 25th March, 2016:

Cause I’m only a crack in this castle of glass,

Hardly anything there for you to see.

– From ‘Castle of Glass’, by Linkin Park



Awesome Quotes is a weekly event where I shall upload a quote (funny, wacky, serious, philosophical and a lot more) right here every Friday. You have a choice to write a piece of fiction (of 1500 words or less), flash fiction (of 700 words or less) or poetry (no word limit :)). Multiple entries are allowed but a maximum of one entry is entertained per category.

If, like me, you’re into quotes as well, or if you see them as a source of motivation or even if just as amusement, then make sure to send in whatever you’ve created as a result of that inspiration, amusement or motivation!

Entries are to be sent to as a link to the original post on your blog along with your blog name, your name (optional) and category name (fiction, flash fiction, or poetry). Also don’t forget to include a pingback to this page in your original post on your blog.


  1. Use the tag “awesome quotes”  in your post. You can use the same hashtag on Twitter as well. This enables people to quickly find posts that are or have been a part of Awesome Quotes.
  2. Feel free to use the Awesome Quotes logo that you can see above at the beginning of the page. You can attach it in a similar way on the post that you’re sending in as an entry.
  3. Include a pingback to this page, in the post that you’re sending in as an entry. You can read how to use pingbacks here.
  4. Entries will be accepted up to midnight every Thursday, starting the 19th of February, 2015.


Every Friday, starting the 13th of February, 2015, I shall write down a quote right here on this page. Those who want to participate can e-mail me their entries at within the one week period. Entries for posts inspired by the week’s quote are accepted up to 9 PM IST on Thursdays (11:30 AM East Coast Time).

That’s all you gotta know about this event! So whaddaya waiting for, have a look at the current week’s quote, get inspired and get busy writing!

Before Awesome Quotes was transformed into an event, it was a place where I posted a collection of quotes every Friday. Each weekly collection of quotes had a different theme. You can check out those editions of Awesome Quotes below:

  1. Awesome Quotes About Writing I
  2. Awesome Quotes by Famous People
  3. Awesome Movie Quotes: Part I
  4. Awesome Movie Quotes: Part II
  5. Awesome Quotes That Just Are True
  6. Awesome Quotes about Work and Motivation
  7. Awesome Quotes about Criticism – Making and Taking It
  8. Awesome Quotes About Music and Songs
  9. Wacky Quotes: Football
  10. Wacky Quotes: Cricket
  11. Awesome Quotes About Writing II
  12. Awesome Quotes About Quotes
  13. A Few More Quotes. (And Then Some.)
  14. Awesome Quotes – Music Lyrics Part I
  15. Awesome Quotes – Music Lyrics Part II
  16. Awesome Quotes – The Dark Knight

6 thoughts on “Awesome Quotes”

    1. I haven’t updated the event in a while now because, frankly, I wasn’t getting any response from it. But I’ve been thinking about restarting it with a few tweaks.
      I’m going to start it again with a fresh set of quotes and the first edition is going to be on Friday, the 3rd of July so do check in on Friday!
      Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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