Sunshine Bloggers Award

That is an amazingly geometric sun. Sorry, I have a thing for amazingly geometric stuff.
That is an amazingly geometric sun. Sorry, I have a thing for amazingly geometric stuff.

Shout-out and thanks to Anushka over at A Dark World Inside for nominating me for my first ever Sunshine Bloggers Award!

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the questions from your nominators
  • Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven new questions to answer
What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is not achieving the things I want to achieve and the feeling of failure. I don’t say this in terms of short-term goals, but more like the ‘what I want to be when I grow up’ kind of goals.

Which one thing are you addicted to?

Writing! My phone! Music! I can’t stay away from either for too long, but I wouldn’t really call it an addiction.

Have any bookish pet peeves? What are they?


What is your perfect idea of a 'relaxation day'?

Everyday can be ‘relaxation day’ if you want it to be.

How do you deal with stress?

I recently spoke about this exact same thing in a post a few days back. Exactly the same. Coincidence? I think not.

Which is one habit of yours you wish to improve/change?

Excessive. Procrastination.

Your favourite 'hanging out' spot?

I’m okay with most places to hang out as long as it is with somebody worth being with. It could be a mall, the beach, the sea-face, a movie theatre, a restaurant, college, or even at home.

How do you spend your weekends?

I usually watch a few episodes of some TV show I’ve been catching up on, play a couple of games on the computer for a little while, read that book I’ve been meaning to read, study a little, write a little, go out with the family if they’re all free, and I’ll make sure I hit the gym among all of this as well.

Are you a movie buff? What are your favourite movies?

Movie buff? Most certainly, yes. My taste in movies is very, very varied. I watch Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Historic, Biography, Sci – Fi, Romance (yes, I know) and Animation as well. I watch Superhero movies as well, and since they’re so rampant these days I guess they deserve to have their own category. So I have a lot of favourite movies. Favourite Superhero movie is Man of Steel, Action is probably John Wick or The Usual Suspects, Comedy is Pineapple Express or Chef (if that counts somewhat as Comedy), Drama would be The Grand Budapest Hotel, and the list goes on.

I know this paragraph was really lame.

Which is one book you feel has changed your life?

All of them, in some way or another.

Sea-beach or hills?

Today, I’m feeling like more of the sea-beach kind since its hot as hell right now.



A Reading Writer

Senatus Populusque Romanus


The same questions that I got asked, ’cause I’m feeling a little lazy today. Sorry 😀

Liebster Award II

Quizzically Challenged, again, nominated me for my second Liebster Award, for which I am ever grateful 🙂

The logo is already up there, I’ve thanked my nominator, so let’s move on to the questions I have to answer.

Of the nomination criteria I listed, which all apply to you?

A] These were the nomination criteria:

  1. Has not yet done their big project to be submitted the next day (no, you needn’t do it now.)
  2. Is reading Harry Potter in spite of having school the next day.
  3. Has read Harry Potter more than ten times.
  4. Has finished reading Harry Potter, flipped it over, and begun reading again.
  5. Has read The Phantom Tollbooth (if you haven’t: believe me, it’s worth it.)
  6. Thinks it’s worth staying up late to finish reading an awesome book.
  7. Is an editor on any Wikimedia Foundation project.
  8. Hails Google as their saviour.
  9. Knows how to spell the word pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis without a dictionary/copy-paste (in case you’re wondering, that’s what I did.)
  10. Has been nominated for a challenge by me before (including the previous challenge).

I’d have to go with 4, 6, 8, 9 (I think!) and 10.

What’s the last tab you closed on your browser?

A] The last tab I closed was that of Gmail.

Nerd, geek, both, or neither?

A] A bit of both.

What would you do if the next day was unexpectedly declared a holiday?

A] Ah, don’t we all love to fantasize? Well, let’s assume. If tomorrow was unexpectedly declared a holiday, first, I’d thank the almighty. Then I’d put on some music and read some books for a while, watch some movies or TV shows and then maybe do some college work.

Have you ever finished a book in one sitting? If so, which one?

A] No, never done that. I’m not that kind of a guy. I mean, no matter how much I like a book, I can never finish it in one sitting, unless of course, its really really short. I read a couple of chapters, sometimes a little more, at a time, then take a short break, then get back to reading. There’s only been a select few books which I’ve read about half of or even more in one sitting spanning over around two to three hours. One was David Baldacci’s Total Control and another one was Skipping Christmas by John Grisham.

Facebook, Google+ or something else?

A] Something else. I’m sure WordPress counts!

What is the funniest book/movie/TV show you’ve ever seen?

A] Funniest book has to be this book I read when I was 10 or 11, goes by the name Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger by Louis Sachar. Its actually the third book of what was a trilogy when I bought it (may have had more additions since I thought it was absolutely hilarious, still is even for my 17 – year – old – standards). You guys should check it out, it may be a little goofy and kiddish but it is written for kids after all. Its one of the funniest book I’ve read, there’s no real Number One, but this one is the book that came to my mind when I read this question. Funniest movie is a tossup between Pineapple Express, The Other Guys and the classic Golmaal. Funniest TV show has to be either Friends or Modern Family.

What do you hear right now?

A] Sirens wailing, people screaming and grunting and stuff. Yeah I’m Matt Murdock. Actually, what I hear is the desk fan whirring, the wind blowing, raindrops falling, cars honking, keys clacking.

What was the last thing you ate?

A] The last thing I ate was some bhelpuri that mom made for me. One word: amazing.

Do you think extraterrestrial life exists?

A] Yes, I find the notion that we’re alone in this universe too boring. I mean if I were God, or whoever is out there, I’m pretty sure I’d get real bored real fast with just one world. I’d definitely make tons more. Its just a matter of time before one finds out about another.


Same as the ones I nominated in The Very Inspiring Blogger Award II:

  2. Always Opinionated Girl
  3. James Patrick Casey
  4. Blog Number Ek
  5. Girl Next Blog
  6. Mumbai Maska
  7. Pan – American Perros

Questions for the Nominees:

  1. Favourite sweet dish (if any)?
  2. What’s the one place you want to go before you die, no matter what?
  3. What is your favourite genre of music?
  4. If I told you I can set up a meet with your future self, what would you expect him or her to be like?
  5. What is your favourite motivational quote?
  6. What sport do you follow? Which team/club do you support?
  7. If you had to give another name to your blog, what would it be and why?
  8. Are you a morning person?
  9. What’s the one thing you’d want to change about yourself?
  10. What would you do for the rest of your life if money was no issue?

Through with this one too, thanks for reading through, again, and stay tuned to JVW.

Over and out

Very Inspiring Blogger Award II

A big thanks to Quizzically Challenged for nominating me for my second Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Feels good to know I qualify as inspiring. Of course, the rules to start off with:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you.
  2. Add the logo to your post.
  3. Nominate 10 other bloggers you think are inspiring.
  4. Answer the questions given to you.
  5. Give 5 new questions for your nominees to answer.

The Stuff I Gotta Answer

Have you ever read any book which made you wish that you wrote it? If so, then why?

A] Oh yeah, I feel that way after practically every good book I read. Why do we read books? Because they give us some sort of information, something that may help us in our lives, something we didn’t know? Sure, all that. But above all, its because the written word is the only thing (apart from the spoken word) which can truly move us, inspire us. So if you’re an aspiring writer like me, if you read a book that moves you in one way or another, odds are you’d wish you’d written it instead, not because of the recognition it would get you, not the money, but what all writers crave above everything else, to move and inspire the reader.

What is your weirdest characteristic?

A] Tough one. Not because I’m not weird, but because there’s too much to choose from. So in school, I used to play cricket and I was on the school team. There was this series of three matches that we had to play with the junior squad of one of the biggest clubs in Mumbai. They were juniors but pretty competitive nonetheless. It was a big one for me since our coach chose me as the team captain. When I went out to bat in the first series, we were not doing well at all. That day I put on my left socks and shoes before the right ones, and we won that match. I did the same for the second match and we won it too. Same for the third. Now, I know that’s baseless superstition at its finest, but I don’t care XD.

Cursive or print?

A] Print.

Any annoying song stuck in your head at the moment? Or which was the most recent one?

A] There is a song stuck in my head at the moment but it isn’t annoying. The most recent one would be some idiotic song from some idiotic TV commercial, which I don’t even remember right now.

If you had a choice between reading your favourite lesson in your schoolbooks or the worst book you’ve read so far, which would you choose? (and which are they?)

A] I would read the lesson from the schoolbook. It would probably be a tossup between a chapter in my Philosophy textbook or one from the Psychology one, since I like both subjects a lot.


  2. Always Opinionated Girl
  3. James Patrick Casey
  4. Blog Number Ek
  5. Girl Next Blog
  6. Mumbai Maska
  7. Pan – American Perros

Stuff The Nominees Gotta Answer

  1. What is your favourite book or book series? If it were made into a feature film, who would you want as its director and why? (If it has already been made into a feature film, then were you satisfied with it?)
  2. What does inspiration mean to you?
  3. How has blogging changed your life?
  4. What is one thing that you think the world shouldn’t have and one thing that it should instead?
  5. How do you deal with writer’s block?

That wraps this up, thanks again to Quizzically Challenged and thank you people for reading through. I’ve got another award acceptance post pending, but after that its back down to business, so stick around for that!


Very Inspiring Blogger Award (Or, The Part Where I Get Back to WordPress)

I was nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Saakshi. Feels great to be nominated, thank you Saakshi.

Gotta admit, its a pretty neat logo.
Gotta admit, its a pretty neat logo.

Onto the rules then:

  1. Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you.
  2. List the rules and display the award.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
  5. Optional: Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

So, seven facts about myself. Gotta think.

Still thinking.


  1. So, I just joined the gym. Well, I actually joined close to two months ago. I don’t know why I’m writing about it so late. Since the last couple of months I spend about an hour of my day sweating over the gym floor, flexing my muscles (I never knew I had any of those). Pretty hardcore, huh? (Not really, I know.) See, the thing is I’ve always been ‘The Little Guy’. And of course I’ve hated that but now I’m kinda fine with it, it doesn’t make much of a difference to me what people think but it kinda feels really demeaning when people equate size to ability. Sure, I may not be as physically strong in certain (or most) aspects as a six foot tall well-built dude, but that doesn’t mean I’m a totally useless, powerless person. People look at me and go, “You’re 17?!” Yes. I am. I am absolutely positive that I have the mental capacity to do the minimum amount of math it takes to arrive at the conclusion that I am 17 years old. So what if I don’t have the physical size of the average 17 year old? You may have your bouts of surprise that a pretty slim dude like me is 17, but it’d be real nice if you kept that surprise to yourself, or let it come out like surprise, not like its a joke that I’m claiming I’m 17. Sometimes it feels like printing out a copy of this and shove it in people’s face:
You're goddamn right.
You’re goddamn right.
  1. I haven’t blogged in a while now. Hell, I haven’t written in a while. I usually write a lot, really short stuff, stories, anecdotes that kind of stuff. I don’t put it all up here on the blog (I’ll talk about this in a little bit), but I keep writing. But I haven’t done any of that in close to three weeks now. That’s a long time. I guess this award is a way to bring me back to WordPress. I’ve got a few drafts in the blog dashboard, guess I’ll go finish them.

  2. About the stuff that I write. A lot of what I write is whacky, and weird sometimes. I write some really random stuff. I have a draft lying in my dashboard whose title is ‘The Chewing Gum Conundrum’. No kidding. Now if that’s not random, then I don’t know what is. But sometimes I feel its a little too random so I don’t publish it because I think its not good so it remains in the drafts folder till eternity. I think I’ll stop doing that and just post the stuff I write.

  3. I browse 9gag. A lot. Anybody know 9gag here? Its your greatest source of fun. Seriously, you should check it out.

  4. I can hardly ever write anything in one stretch. I’m just too lazy. Hey, that’s two facts in one! Its the same for this post. I sat down to write it, wrote about 100 words, saw TV, wrote another 150 or so, watched the Suits Season 5 Premiere for the third time, and then wrote a little more. That’s usually how my writing sessions go unless I’m really pumped about an idea and words are flowing out like swagger out of Harvey Specter (Suits reference).

  5. I had a dream last night where I was kicked out of college for falsely registering myself as present for a class on a day I was actually absent. Pretty sure that doesn’t happen in real life but again this is coming from Suits because the protagonist in Suits is kicked out of college in a similar fashion. So I was kicked out and then no other college would take me so I had to lead my life with the only other thing I had: writing. And then the usual stuff happened: I got famous, blah blah blah, wrote really good books and stuff. Its a pretty heroic dream. Funny how I remember all of it.

  6. So I came up with a scale the other day. Its a scale that determines how good you are at improv, or Improvisational Comedy. It goes like this, “On a scale of Rajesh Koothrapalli (0) to Chandler Bing (5), how good are you at improv?” I think I’m a Cisco Ramon, who’s like a 2.5/3 on the scale. The thing is, Cisco is good at improv, but most of his jokes are, witty no doubt, but nerdy and easily labeled lame by ‘normal’ folk. What are you?


  1. James Patrick Casey
  2. Pan – American Perros

  3. Mayur

  4. Blue Car Painted Green


So I was nominated for the Liebster Award, my first ever award in cyberspace, by Saakshi at randommusings. Thank you very, very much Saakshi! 🙂

Now, down to the rules.

My nominator, randommusings, has left it up to her nominees to choose between answering the same questions that she was asked, or listing any 10 facts about ourselves. I’m going to go with a bit of both.

1. What made you start your blog?

I have always loved reading and writing. Essays were the easiest thing for me to do in school, when most others would be having a difficult time writing beyond the second or third paragraph. Fiction drew my attention when I was young, and has held on to it ever since. I realised that I had a knack for making up stories in my head so I decided to put them down on paper one day. After my Board exams last year, I had a really long vacation ahead of me, before college began. I decided I wanted to do something with this hobby of writing. I wanted to put it out there. Blogging, I discovered, is a great platform to write. The fact that there are people around the world actually reading what I write is an added bonus and incentive.

2. What is your favourite dish and which country does it come from?

I DO NOT know fancy, sophisticated cuisine. My family has always been a healthy-home-food kind of family, if you know what I mean. And we’re Gujjus, so we love our food to no end. There’s this sweet dish my mother makes, I don’t know what its called in English but in our language we call it doodhpak. It is basically milk, sweetened and a lot of other condiments are added in it and finally you add rice to it. I don’t have a picture of it but trust me, you chill it, and its absolutely heavenly. We usually make it as a dessert during lunch but when that’s there, I don’t eat anything else. Nothing at all.

3. Coffee or tea?

Though I live in India, and you may assume that tea is da bomb here and people regard coffee as a western abomination (that is true to a certain extent), I’m a coffee person. Insomnia runs in the family and genetics is catching up to me, so sleepless nights are the norm around here and therefore coffee is a saviour on a daily basis.

4. What is your next travel destination?

I would like it to be someplace exotic but I guess its my study room cause FINALS!

5. One sentence which describes you.

Procrastinator with potential. I can be very lazy. And I’m good at pushing deadlines that I set myself but when I put my mind to something I can do it very well and very fast.

  1. I have to come to love football. I may not be very good at it, and I certainly don’t have the physique for it, but I love the game nonetheless.

  2. I would like to explore the world some day. I know that we all say stuff like this and that day hardly ever comes but I really want to go out somewhere, maybe not the whole world, but see all those wonderful places that I’ve only seen on digital screens.

  3. I really like photography. I don’t have the equipment for it but I want to practice and learn more about this wonderful art.

  4. I play the flute and the keyboard. Not many know this about me. I was inducted into both at a very early age. I learnt the basics about the flute in basically three months in what was a crash course before the school annual day back when I was in Senior Kindergarten. I was to have a solo performance. Since then I’ve had the honour to learn from three-four disciples of the maestro Shri Hariprasad Chaurasia, and at one point, from the maestro himself (albeit for a very little while). I learnt the keyboard too at around the same time I learnt the flute and I’ve made a number of performances with it in school annual days to other competitions and functions around Mumbai. As for the flute, two of my biggest performances were at the Bandra Fest back in 2009/10 and one at a huge auditorium in Vile Parle, Mumbai I don’t remember when.

  5. Listing facts about oneself is tough. I can’t think of any at this point. Okay, I’m going to go with a silly one for the 10th and final point. When I was younger, I was completely enthralled by Spiderman. He was and still is the superhero who is closest to me. One reason for that is, ahem, I actually used to think I had his powers. You could ask my school friends and they’d tell you how I used to try to convince them that I can walk up walls and shoot webs out of my wrists. Silly. Okay, I’m going to move on before my cheeks get any redder.

Here are my nominees:- [Also, feel free to use the questions I have answered, or list 10 facts about yourself]

  1. Param Sawant – I know you’re not into accepting stuff like this and I know you’ll me kinda mad at me when I tell you I nominated you but I’m still going to nominate you.

  2. Suzi – I love her blog’s name, the story behind it and her blog’s header, among a lot of other things about her quaint little blog. Check out here blog if you’re into DIY crafts and upcycling, or just like to make stuff out of things you were going to throw away, like I do.

  3. Kmandu – Hopping on over to her site quells my desire to travel a bit. She’s on a road trip across the Americas and how she manages to do that, with her 3 poodles, while enjoying it, taking awesome pictures, and blogging about it is a mystery to me.

  4. Sukriti

  5. Where Ideas Grow