Cyber Hub

Today’s Blogging 201 task tells us how we can make our blog a hub, a sort of headquarters where all our other cyberselves (like the ones on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr) are redirected and channeled. It is very interesting stuff but incredibly difficult to balance. I already have a Twitter and Tumblr account, and a […]

Eventfulness Maximised

WordPress Events are a great way to get to know more bloggers and build a community of like-minded friends. Today’s Blogging 201 task is to create an event on our blog and/or make plans to attend a conference or a blogger’s meetup. I’ve already made plans to attend a Blogger’s meetup focused on bloggers residing in […]

Productive Social Networking

I’m catching up with Blogging 201, again. College work has burdened me a bit lately. So the task was to dig deep into our social networks and use them to create communities and interact with them beyond the blog, thus adding a more personal touch and also a constant touch since one may not blog […]

Sorting, Segregating and Reminiscing

Today’s Task in Writing 201 tells us to create a space on our blog that’s dedicated solely to bringing the best of our old archives to the fore so that readers can have an assorted collection of posts at their disposal. Its a pretty awesome idea, especially to forge an almost instant bond with first […]

Spanish Commentators Be Like, “Goaaaalll!!”

Back to a course by The Daily Post! Feels like coming back home and I’m raring to do some assignments over the next two weeks. The first assignment is (was, I’m kinda catching up) to set three realistic, simple, concrete and time-based goals about where I want to get with my blog over the course […]


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