Blog Brand Audit 1.0

Okay, this is a tough one. It takes time and looking around to thoroughly audit one’s blog brand, especially if you’ve never done it before. I titled this as 1.0 since this is the first time I’m doing anything like this, and I guess its something every blogger should do now and then to just go over what they’ve been projecting lately through their blog.

So starting at the top, my blog theme ‘Editor’ does not allow a header. In a way it is a good thing since I always had trouble finding and/or making a header image that was both eloquently conveying the message I want my blog to convey, and also of the right size. I may stumble into such a header some day and that will be the day I change my theme.

Speaking of the theme, I feel the ‘Editor’ theme is very minimal. I like minimal. It is also very clean and makes the content shout. It doesn’t look cluttered. It is also responsive, and is mobile-friendly. There aren’t a lot of free colour-palettes and I would prefer a colour scheme that was not so washed-out but it isn’t so bad to demand a theme change right away. I kinda like the light-toned, light-on-the-eyes approach.

Another thing that’s light toned and shares the shades of the theme is my blog logo or Blavatar, or whatever its being called. The background photo in the logo is a high-res stock photo I found somewhere and I printed the initials of my blog onto it with a web photo editing software. In the sidebar, the logo kinda fades into the blog’s background colour at one end and it doesn’t look out of place because the colour pattern is very similar to the theme’s. There were two reasons for choosing the background stock photo that I’ve chosen. One was the aforementioned matching colour pattern. The other was that the photo completely spells out serenity and that’s something I like and desire very much. Although almost no aspect of my life is remotely close to serene.

I already have a pithy description of my blog in the sidebar that I’m content with at the moment.

Speaking of contentment, I feel like I can come up with something better for the tagline and probably even for the title. Problem is I’ve not come up with anything good yet. Maybe I feel this way because I’ve had the same title and tagline for a while now and feel the need to change it. But that’s not top priority right now but I will give it sufficient thought and try to come up with something. You guys, too, please tell me if something does strike you when you’re reading my blog and you feel, “This should be up there in the tagline,” or “Oh this would make for a rad title!” or something along those lines. DO NOT HESITATE.

I’ve customised and tweaked with my widget names several times now. Not very recently, but again, I’m contented with it the way it is. I feel the same about my customised comment prompt.

Now all I’ve basically said so far is that everything is fine, I’m at peace with my blog brand and its all good. But there’s something that needs to change. Two things in fact.

I have my own email ID, but that’s my personal email. So I’m going to set up a personalised email ID especially for this blog very soon. Preferably in the name of this blog, provided it hasn’t already been taken. Seriously, in another twenty years, the most difficult thing for our kids to do is going to be picking a username that hasn’t already been taken.

The other thing is social media. I have Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts. I’ve also linked my StumbleUpon and Instagram accounts. Its obviously difficult keeping up with all of this. I don’t use Facebook very often, simply because nobody else uses it as much as we used to a few years back. It was a fad. I’ve had a Tumblr account for a while and I’m just beginning to really use it. StumbleUpon is more of site discovery so that’s done once in a while. And Instagram is also a once in a while thing. Twitter I feel has the most potential at the moment. Not just to get traffic but to give traffic as well. It can be a great tool to discover new stuff that I might like. The only hurdle is the sheer volume of tweets one may have to filter through to actually find what one is looking for. And I’m making it a goal to start using Twitter more productively, gain followers, and create better outreach for my blog along the way. You can check out all my social media accounts through my sidebar.

Thank you guys very much for reading through this grand, lengthy, first official thesis of the Blog Brand Audit for Jai Vyas Writes!

I hope I’ve let my readers know, in the previous post what I’m striving to achieve in the next couple of months on this blog. And in this post, what my blog is all about, why I’ve made it the way it is and what I’m looking to change about it.

I’m sure some of you may have some inputs about the look, feel, or content on this blog. Please let me know through the comments. Your opinions and inputs are invaluable to me.

Spanish Commentators Be Like, “Goaaaalll!!”

Back to a course by The Daily Post! Feels like coming back home and I’m raring to do some assignments over the next two weeks.

The first assignment is (was, I’m kinda catching up) to set three realistic, simple, concrete and time-based goals about where I want to get with my blog over the course of the next week, month, whatever.

There’s so much I want to do with my blog and so many ways to do it that I sometimes get lost in the maze. I guess that’s where these goals are going to be huge helpers.

  1. The first goal I wish to set is definitely to be more consistent. I have usually had problems with being consistent, not just in the field of writing. Throw in the little issue about inspiration being a needle in the proverbial haystack and writing on a near-daily basis becomes difficult. So here’s the goal: Publish at least two times each week (apart from Awesome Quotes, which is a weekly feature) between next week and April 19th (I probably won’t be able to post much in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd weeks of March courtesy my Finals).
  2. Social networking is a big aspect of gaining appreciation for what one writes, whether in the form of follows, shares or views. That’s also something I’ve doing very less of and would definitely benefit a lot if I pumped it up. So my second goal would be to spend at least two to three hours more every week to drop in and give some heartfelt appreciation to people I already follow, those who may follow me and set aside half an hour to one hour of that to discover new blogs and reading and commenting on those that I like.
  3. For the third and final goal I’m going to focus on feedback on my own end. When I began blogging, it was because I simply love writing. I created this blog mostly to write fiction but I knew I would also dabble in a lot of other genres, which I think I have so far, fairly well. I also began blogging because the idea that there would actually be people reading and appreciating what I write, was very exciting and re-assuring, even before those people came by. What was even more exciting was the dream of, over time, building a community of followers who come back for my posts and read, like and comment on them from their hearts. I still have that dream. That can of course, only happen when I touch that heart of theirs. And that can only happen when I actually blog regularly, which takes us back to the first goal. So, the third goal is to gain at least 50 new followers by April 30th.

We all blog for at least the two basic reasons: there’s something we like (writing, photography) and we’d like people to see it. We all like to take these two reasons and use it to fuel our brains to get somewhere: more followers, more views, an active community, a good-looking blog, whatever. The above three are places I want to get to in the short term. Where do you want to get?