Hundred Times Ten

Equals one thousand. An even number. The number of songs you skip when on shuffle. The number of pages it feels like you have to read when you start studying just a day before (unless it actually is a thousand pages, in which case you should have started studying much before. Shame on you). The […]

“I’m back!” said the Terminator

So I just got back from my week-long pre-Christmas vacation out of town. It was a lot of fun. Though it may seem that a 16 year old guy like me must be pretty relaxed almost all the time, without the apparently tedious burden that adulthood brings, its not as pink and rosy as that. […]

How I’ll Be Using My Fridays Productively

I’ll be compiling and posting a list of quotes, that’s how. My ‘Awesome Quotes I Came By’ now has its very own dedicated page where I’ll be posting more Awesome Quotes every Friday till whenever the internet runs out of quotes. Then I’ll start making up a few of my own. You can see the […]


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