This Kinda Qualifies as Bragging

Back when I took Blogging U’s many courses, one assignment was about setting up a page on the blog, about a few of the blog’s best posts so far. I named mine as ‘Upturned Archives’.

So head over to it right away, because I’ve refurbished it with a newer set of posts in the list and also a featured image (of which I’ve got the size terribly wrong, but making it right is just a reallllyyyy loooonnnggg process so I’m just going to leave it up instead).

  • slithers back into the shadows *

Quotes are Awesome Again

Awesome Quotes is up and running again on Jai Vyas Writes. That’s right. I have published the quote for this week (10th – 17th July), and you can check it out by clicking here.

Hope you guys can have some fun with this quote! So get crackin’ at it; I’m waiting by expectantly for your entries!

Cheers 🙂

I Discovered I Can Review TV Shows


Those of you who have checked out this blog’s sidebar recently, might have seen a widget about another blog I have recently created with a couple of my friends. The blog’s name is A Posse of Three, since we’re the three of us. We got to know each other since we’re in the same class in the same college and we hung out and talked and discovered we could create a blog to put forth our ideas and likes and stuff. We also discovered that nothing ever goes to plan and we quickly ran out of stuff to post. And by quickly I mean very quickly.

And it was through this discovery did I come up with the outrageous idea of writing reviews on TV shows. I watch quite a few TV shows and some of them, like Arrow and The Flash, require some back info to get a better understanding of what the heck is going on because these are based on comics and unless you’ve read even the most obscure editions of the comics, you are very likely to miss out on something avid readers may have caught. For this I just did a basic Google search or headed over to the sites of some of my most trusted reviewers because their episode reviews always deconstruct the episodes and it gets easier to join the dots, so to say.

So I thought, why don’t I do something like this? I need stuff to write, I would like to write something like this because I like watching what I’m writing about, and I’ve got the time (summer holidays in full swing). So I decided to give it a shot and thought A Posse of Three was a good place to do it. That blog needs an identity and it needs content and making reviews a recurring feature would help that cause a lot.

I decided to begin with one of the TV shows I like most, and that’s DC’s Arrow (or Green Arrow, as the comics call him). Any Arrow fans here? 😀 Arrow just wrapped up its 3rd season and I started off with a season review for it on A Posse of Three. You can check out the season review by clicking on the image above. I’ve decided to do an episode-by-episode review for it once the new season commences.

I’m also an avid follower of DC’S The Flash which just finished its debut season and I’m thinking of doing a season review for that too. So stick around on A Posse of Three to catch that, and a lot more!

Hundred Times Ten

Equals one thousand.

An even number.

The number of songs you skip when on shuffle.

The number of pages it feels like you have to read when you start studying just a day before (unless it actually is a thousand pages, in which case you should have started studying much before. Shame on you).

The number of hours it feels like you have to pass when you have absolutely nothing to do (maybe, that’s a bit exaggerated but you get the idea).

Also the number of views this blog has received as of a couple days back, after writing for just over eight months. And that’s awesome as hell. Its awesome as hell. Thank you everybody. Doesn’t matter if you’ve just seen this blog just once (you’re seeing it now so that makes it twice) or if you’ve been a regular visitor, you all make a difference. To me. Do keep visiting, its you guys that keep this thing ticking. That keep me ticking. Its the viewers who are always the ones behind all the motivation. Thank you, all of you guys, once again.

“I’m back!” said the Terminator

So I just got back from my week-long pre-Christmas vacation out of town. It was a lot of fun. Though it may seem that a 16 year old guy like me must be pretty relaxed almost all the time, without the apparently tedious burden that adulthood brings, its not as pink and rosy as that. So, yeah, I got some real relaxation after a long, long time. Time away from the city. Once you leave the place that’s associated so strongly to your life, your work and everything, you really leave your mind behind too, in a way. You leave behind the mindset that you have everyday, calculating constantly the number of hours you have left in the day and all the work you need to get done. You leave behind those thoughts. But then I guess, detachment comes easier at 16.

I did a bit of trekking while away, some exploration, visiting friends and family who live there, some photography, some staring into the blue, clear, serene village sky, some stargazing, and a lot of relaxing.

So you’re going to see at least a few pictures and stories about my time away in the next couple of days. I said I would publish a couple of stories too, including the next chapter to the Traitor (which has really faded into the background lately) and that’s going to be coming up over the next couple of weeks hopefully as I try to get back to pending college work and brace for the impending doom of my exams. Do tune in for all of this, happy reading and happy holidays to ya’ll! Merry Christmas! 🙂

And yes, I know the title is misleading and unrelated.