The Marginally Above – Average Adviser

There’s a guy who sits in my brain. I think he likes it up there. Perhaps, he finds it safe, forever protected by the veil of an actual human being acting out his will. Perhaps, behind the curtain of the present situation is where he thrives – using it as a sieve to filter out elements that pollute, and refining the ones that don’t. I talk to him sometimes. I run ideas by him, and take his advice. He is often quite confident about the veracity of his assertions, although I am not always sure.

I have been through a few situations in the last year or so that I have, on initial inspection, assessed as failures. They were definitely setbacks on some particular front, and forced me to think, pause, learn, unlearn, plan, and act.

The guy in my head went –

“Well, that didn’t work out.”

Yeah, no shit, guy. Where do we go from here?

“I would suggest eating some chicken, followed by a healthy consumption of digital content on Netflix, concluded with many hours of sleep.”

I must admit, it worked. For a while. Inevitably, there comes another situation of questionable success, and the rhetorical –

“Boy, we really tanked that one, huh?”

Yeah, it’s been 6 months, you can stop reminding me.

“Hey, you know I only bring it up because we’re not done talking about it. There’s something you’re holding back.”

Yeah, a punch to your face. That’s what I’m holding back.

“You gotta stop fighting me, my man. I’m on your side.”

Your advice got me here in the first place. How do I even trust you?

“I know I don’t always get it right, and I don’t try to either. I simply tell you what I truly believe is right in that moment, and you do what you do best – roll with whatever road that takes us on.”

Yeah, I guess we gotta bear with our shit. Where do we go from here?

“Forward. How does that sound?”

Like you’re intentionally trying to deliver poignant-sounding advice.

“Sorry, my bad. Let’s get some chicken. And then Netflix.”

1987: A Short Story

2350 HOURS

He pushed the door open, jolting the rubber stopper out of place.
Back in the corridor, a flickering light bulb had its beams of light dancing on the shards of broken glass on the floor.
Clearing his desk of all the stray papers with one swift move, he dropped the brown, premium leather briefcase on the desk with a thud, oblivious to the small tiny troupe of ants feasting on a crumb of a leftover doughnut from earlier. 1987 – the combination that was clicked into the briefcase. An inbuilt light illuminated the contents. Busy looking for something while wiping the sweat off his neck, the buzzing of his phone went unnoticed, as did the focusing laser beam in the centre of his forehead. However, the silhouette in the corridor did not. The man said something indecipherable, perhaps commenting on the silhouette’s appearance, or on his current predicament. Nonetheless, the bullet that found its way into his skull a moment later, had an altogether different message to convey.

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2014: “Over and Out”

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 880 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 15 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Jai Vyas wishes all of you a great 2015 ahead and hopes all of us can constantly keep improving and building on our passions that we have shared with so many people this past year.

2014 is almost behind us and as its important to admire the highs, it is equally, probably more important to not dwell on the lows, apart from when learning from them. Let’s all move on and promise to make 2015 our best year so far, not just when it comes to blogging, but in every other aspect of our lives as well.

Again, wishing you all luck for the new year and determination to stick to your resolutions longer than you did last year! 😀

I Wanted to Name this as ‘My Day in Pictures’, but I’m Going to Go With ‘Memes Make Everything Better’


I go through this practically every day.


I’ve learnt to be better at noting stuff down. You know those nifty little articles on the internet that tell you to have notebooks everywhere because, well, ideas can spring up anywhere. Firstly, it just looks really paranoid to me. I mean, just imagine you have guests over and they ask where the washroom is and there they are sitting and they see a notebook, titled ‘My Toilet Thoughts’ hanging from a nail in the wall, pen and all.

Secondly, it doesn’t work. At least not for me. I don’t know if its my wildly frantic thoughts that are too fast for my writing to keep up with or my laziness to get the notebook out of my backpack in the middle of class or from a drawer three feet away when I’m half asleep, but it doesn’t work with me.

But here I am trying to make a notebook whose most important function I intend to outline as ‘Being Inspiring Enough to Make Me Note Down My Ideas, Epiphanies and Everything Else’.


So that’s what I’ve been doing all day on my desk. That, and a little bit of FIFA 15 now and then. Hey, you don’t get to Division 1 in Ultimate Team without dedication.

Free – Writing to Brainstorm

I haven’t written in a while so I’m just going to free-write today. Its difficult getting the juices flowing after a relatively long period where you just put them in cold-storage.

Well, I had a flu a few days back and I was feeling generally unpleasant in the days that preceded it. Also a bit on the days after it had been washed away. I was mainly in the house on the couple of days after the flu was gone. I went to play badminton a couple of days back with the parents and the little sister and we took a little walk later. What resulted was a hellish leg-ache the day later because I had spent my flu-days sleeping and my legs were awfully stiff. The legs are still aching a bit.

So, I went out for a walk yesterday, thinking I could loosen them up a bit more. The walk was real fun, especially because it was raining. I had my windcheater on so I didn’t get wet (and get the flu all over again). Walking by yourself is really fun, as I’ve learnt. It’s a different experience and if its raining, its ideal. I’ve actually come to love the gloomy weather, how, I do not know. I used to hate it not a year ago.

On that particular walk yesterday, I probably enjoyed myself more than I have ever enjoyed myself on any previous solo walks. I also realised many minor truths of life on the way (no kidding). I walked through small empty lanes where you can hear the patter of rain drops on the street, the cars, and the trees above. I walked on the main streets where the sound of the cars whizzing past you on the wet road reminded you of the sizzling of food on a pan. I also took a small stroll by a small beach where the crashing of the waves on the rocks overpowered the sound of the raindrops crashing around.

A picture I took (of the Bandra - Worli Sealink) on my walk.
A picture I took (of the Bandra – Worli Sea link) on my walk.

Below are a few of the things I learnt (in no particular order):

  • Hearing one earphone ‘open up’ like an ear (they got wet in the rain) is literally the most satisfying thing.
  • You can’t escape a row of trees without having at  least one drop of water fall smack – dab in the middle of your head after its rained.
  • Wanna get better at self – esteem? Stop looking down while walking.
  • You don’t leave the beach if you’re unsatisfied with the amount of time you’ve spent there. You just DON’T leave. STAY for a while more.

The first one is very unusual and I don’t think many people have experienced earphones shutting off like that because they got drenched and then it actually opens up again. It’s very satisfying indeed. But then the same one shut off again and it’s not opened up since. I think I’ve lost him. #respect

So now I’m thinking about movies because I’m a big movie buff so I really want to see Godzilla but there’s no quality torrents out yet. *sigh* Just by the way, I can hear you people mocking me under your breath for not watching it in the cinema while I had the chance.

I haven’t worked on my story draft fora long time now, and I think its going to take at least three days for me to get into the groove once I do start writing it again.

My college admission process just concluded. I got into a college that’s not only close by, but is also currently one of the best colleges around, in every aspect. It’s also a college that I’ve admired for a long while and surprisingly I got into it on the first merit list itself. So, I’m pretty chilled on that front.

I was watching this movie with my little sister a while back. ‘Hachiko’, it’s called. It’s about this loyal dog who waits for his master at the town’s train station everyday even after his master’s death, for all those of you who haven’t seen the movie. My sister just loves dogs so she just wanted to watch this movie. Its kinda unusual, the movie. Usually its the dog that dies before its master but here its the other way round. Plus the film’s been made in a really heartwarming way, it makes you feel for the characters and needless to say, the dog is adorable. So if you haven’t seen it yet, go see it.

I recently took the Writing 101 course on The Daily Post and I have to say that I have a different opinion of free-writing now. At the beginning of the course, the first assignment was of free-writing and just getting into the groove. At that time, I had never attempted free-writing. Now, I find it to be a really useful tool for brainstorming.

I don’t know if anybody else has felt this about their blogs but I think my blog is like another home to me. Somehow I just get that feeling. That might be because I haven’t gotten any real negative feedback from readers yet, but I really feel comfortable here, so to say. I am sure that a lot of people feel that way about their blogs too. I think it’s because I just love writing so much and this blog is a way in which actual people read what I’m writing. Its sort of like publishing a book and the people who like and view and comment are the customers, only they don’t pay you for buying or viewing your ‘book’.

So this is officially the longest piece of free-writing I have written to date; but then I haven’t written many either.

And this is the end of this one.