3 Days 3 Quotes – Day 3

So, the final day of this challenge has rolled around, and it has been a rather fun experience, honestly.

Here’s my quote that wraps up this challenge:

“A writer should have the precision of a poet and the imagination of a scientist.” – Vladimir Nabokov

This is a truly accurate quote, you gotta admit. Especially for fiction writers, precision and imagination are two things you absolutely cannot do without. You’d be stranded without those two key ingredients. You’d have nowhere to go without them, you’d end up a “writer” on one of those sites that basically copy-pastes trending images and stuff from other websites on the internet.

Aaand that’s it for the 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge. Again, thank you very much Madvanthi for nominating me 🙂

Before the over and out, here are the bloggers I further nominate for this challenge:

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  2. Vinnie
  3. Saakshi
  4. Quizzically Challenged

Over and out.

3 Days 3 Quotes – Day 2

(That’s a lot of numbers up there for a post title, huh?)

Follow up on the Quote Challenge, here’s my quote for Day 2.

Said by none other than the great Sir Alex Ferguson.
Said by none other than the great Sir Alex Ferguson.
“The work of a team should always embrace a great player but the great player must always work.” – Sir Alex Ferguson, former Manchester United manager

For me, Sir Alex Ferguson sums up the ideal leader. I have honestly not seen, or read about anybody who’s done it better than him, consistently for so long. He exudes a certain swagger, a certain charisma that is unparalleled and it draws you to him. The way he has led the football clubs he has managed is a masterclass in football management like no other. The eleven players in his squad may not all be big glamorous names but they have overthrown teams with the biggest names. The difference between the two has always been the fact that Ferguson built a team in every sense of the word and he instilled a spirit into it that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

This quote is a perfect summation of the emphasis he placed in teamwork. It is about the fact that no player is singularly bigger than the club. Its about how teams just naturally ‘do their thing’ when they’re a real team, when they understand each other, when they can bring out the best from each other and more so from their ‘star’ players.

Sir Alex is a whole different level.

Well, then, that wraps up Day 2 of the 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge!

Did you like this quote? There are obviously tons of amazing Sir Alex quotes out there, but is there one on teamwork (that you know of), that’s even better than this one? BTW, any Manchester United fans out here? If yes, what do you guys think of all the new signings (Schweini, Schneiderlin, Darmian and Depay of course!)? I’m jumping in my seat with excitement ever since all these new signings starting rolling into my notification bar. Pleeaaassseee do let me know in the comments down below!

See you guys tomorrow on the final Day 3 of the Challenge!

Awesome shades, dude.

3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge – Day Juan

Thank you Madvanthi for nominating me for this challenge, its going to be a lot of fun. I love quotes. And challenges. And quotes. And coffee of course. I need some of that.

Aaanyways, first of all, the essentials:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for three days.
  3. Nominate three other blogs.

Formalities out of the way, onto the main event. My first quote is going to be this:

“When you’re backed against the wall, break the goddamn thing down.” – Harvey Specter, Suits

Please tell me there’s Suits fans here. This quote is a Specter Classic. Its about finding an alternative when it seems there is none. Its about doing the unexpected, doing things you didn’t think you could, and not in the bad way. Its about winning under pressure, going the distance. Its about perseverance, grit and character. The way its delivered makes it special, and it sticks with you.

Suits fans unite! Let me know what you guys think of this quote, or Harvey goddamn Specter, or about Suits Season 5 so far, anything! Is there another Specter quote that you think is much more hardcore Harvey Specter than this one? The comments section awaits!

See you tomorrow!

Over and out.

(I’ll be nominating 3 awesome blogs at the end of Day Three of the challenge)

Love. Sprinkle That Shit Everywhere

I’m back for a bit before my Finals commence. Madvanthi over at The Epic Blog has nominated me for the Spread Love Challenge.

Love is probably one of the most overrated and at the same time underrated phenomena in the world, both by different groups of people, obviously. Its very profound. Too profound sometimes.

Coming down to the nomination, the rules are:

    1. Write ten four-word sentences about what love means to you

Wow, ten four-word sentences is too much for a guy like me who’s got absolutely no philosophy about love. But I’ll try. Ahem, pardon the cliches (if any). Also, I guess four words are too little to convey what love is about. Succinct-ness isn’t what I’m good at, and since the basic purpose is to spread love, I’ll bend the rules a little and go beyond the four words.

  • True love doesn’t die.

  • Love could pass you by and you wouldn’t ever know.

  • Its just attraction if its based on looks.

  • Science can’t explain love.

  • Yes, you can be in love with nutella.

  • Love rejuvenates.

  • Love isn’t always about being ‘young and wild’, as they say. If you can make it through the tough times, times when life isn’t all about gooey lovey dovey stuff, and when its monotonous, you’re in love.

  • Long distance can work.

  • Don’t write off introverts as people not to go out with. We could surprise you.

  • 14th February isn’t the only day to convey love. Everyday is the 14th of February if you make it special.

    2. Share your favourite quote on love.

Hands down, this. Granted its a little unorthodox but that’s why I like it.

“Until I was 25, I thought that the only response to ‘I love you’ was ‘Oh, crap!'” – Chandler Bing

This guy is something else.
This guy is something else.


    3. Nominate ten other bloggers for the same.

I’m nominating only five bloggers. You guys, please take this up and give it a try. I totally surprised myself. I didn’t think I’d come up with so much about love when I don’t even remember thinking about it. You may just surprise yourself too.








Go on! Spread the love already! 😀