“I’m back!” said the Terminator

So I just got back from my week-long pre-Christmas vacation out of town. It was a lot of fun. Though it may seem that a 16 year old guy like me must be pretty relaxed almost all the time, without the apparently tedious burden that adulthood brings, its not as pink and rosy as that. So, yeah, I got some real relaxation after a long, long time. Time away from the city. Once you leave the place that’s associated so strongly to your life, your work and everything, you really leave your mind behind too, in a way. You leave behind the mindset that you have everyday, calculating constantly the number of hours you have left in the day and all the work you need to get done. You leave behind those thoughts. But then I guess, detachment comes easier at 16.

I did a bit of trekking while away, some exploration, visiting friends and family who live there, some photography, some staring into the blue, clear, serene village sky, some stargazing, and a lot of relaxing.

So you’re going to see at least a few pictures and stories about my time away in the next couple of days. I said I would publish a couple of stories too, including the next chapter to the Traitor (which has really faded into the background lately) and that’s going to be coming up over the next couple of weeks hopefully as I try to get back to pending college work and brace for the impending doom of my exams. Do tune in for all of this, happy reading and happy holidays to ya’ll! Merry Christmas! 🙂

And yes, I know the title is misleading and unrelated.