Coffee Update #8

Heyyyy guys! Welcome back to another Coffee Update. This is where we grab a cup of coffee, or tea, or hot chocolate, as the climate seems to demand, and I talk to you about what’s up with my life right now. A bit of a vlog in a written form, if you will.

So grab a cuppa and settle down!

If we were having coffee right now, firstly, I would tell you that I can totally NOT get over this song, at all. I’ve played it, like 47 times in the last 5 days. Maybe an exaggeration, but that’s as accurate as it gets. The song’s too goddamn catchy. Ed Sheeran never ceases to surprise me. Go check it out if you haven’t heard it already! Here, I’ll just give it to you:

Click on the image to go to the football blog I’ve started

If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you that I’ve created another place for myself to write! Some of you may have seen a couple of football-related posts on this blog. I realised that this isn’t exactly the place for those kind of posts, but I do have a great interest in football and, as it appears, some people think I write well about football. So I decided to create The United Writer! It is a blog where I write about football and Manchester United Football Club.

It’s hardly been about three/four months since I started the blog, but its already allowed me to get in touch with some great people in the football-related media community and interacting with others in a field of your interest is always a great experience. For example, the owner of one of the biggest football fan accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, got in touch with me, since (I assume) he probably liked my work. Now I write with him on his website! The name is Man United Zone, and you can check it out by clicking here: Man United Zone

I’m really happy with where I am, and I look forward to growing more, and in that quest, I can use all the help I get!

If we were having coffee right now, I’d briefly tell you about what’s going on with me academically. I had my exams for the first semester of my Bachelor’s course at college about a month back. We got the results for that, just today. I’m not happy with the amount of effort I put in, preparing for the exams. We haven’t received a cumulative grade yet, but going by the individual subject grades I’ve got, I’m pretty sure I’ll make an A, I’m hoping they bump me up to A+. Yes, regrets. Powerful thing, no?

I haven’t done particularly badly, but I’m going to try and not make the same mistakes again. I tend to do that sometimes, and I really don’t like it when I do.


If we were having coffee right now, I’d talk to you about Sherlock for a little bit. Holy shit, Cumbersandwich you beautiful, beautiful man! What an absolute gem this show has been. It seems pretty clear they’ve prepared for the end, and this was probably it. I think it’s a great end to a great show, and it would seem unnatural to drag it on further. It was a pleasure. I shall miss the two year long waits for new seasons.

If we were having coffee right now, I’d just like to thank you. For being here, reading and listening, with us separated only by something as trivial as a digital screen and maybe a few hundred miles, at the most.

I write because I like to share my thoughts here. Right now, I appreciate anybody who’s reading this, and even those who choose not to.

So, well, that’s what’s up! You are now officially updated with some of the stuff I’m dealing with at the moment! It was great catching a quick coffee with you peoples, I’ll see you soon.

Until the next post,

Adios muchachos!

Exercise is Good For You

Yeah, right.

I get all breathless when I jog and my legs and arms hurt when I cycle. I get light-headed if I exert myself too much, and then I lie in bed for the rest of the day like a seventy year-old. The next morning, my whole body is so stiff I can’t move a muscle without groaning. The next couple of days or so are a living hell and it is a pain to move around; I’d rather just hibernate forever. When the stiffness finally subsides, I try to get back to jogging or cycling, slowly, and I realise its going to take forever to get used to this exercise.

200_s (5)

And you tell me exercise is good for me. scoffs in disgust mixed with a tinge of self-pity

But then things slowly change, over a few weeks. Gradually, it becomes easier to cycle for long periods and the breathlessness is not as acute and that sensation of my lungs tearing themselves apart recedes. My thighs don’t pain that much and it feels good to get that gulp of fresh air (if you can call the air of Mumbai fresh). I can finally see my biceps growing, by just about half a centimetre or so, but its something nonetheless.

Maybe, exercise is good for me.


This post requires a bit of a prologue to better understand it. But I’m writing this at the end so it kind of makes this an epilogue-ish thing but think of it as a prologue at the end. If that makes any sense.

I am very good at procrastinating. Most people who know me, don’t know this about me. Those that do, and if they are reading this, are probably shaking their heads in agreement right now.

Another thing I’m very good at is not putting on weight. I don’t know if I have a great metabolism or a really awful appetite (or both; or none), or if there is something more to it, but I’ve always been on the lower side of the average weight that I must have. Recently though I’ve started putting on some but everybody (including the doctors) tell me I should regularly exercise to stimulate my appetite and hence gain those elusive kilos. In comes the procrastinating.

Yesterday, I decided to change things. Well, I actually decided that much before yesterday, but then scheduled to put into effect that decision on the day that was yesterday (I don’t call myself ‘Chiefest and Greatest Procrastinator’ for nothing). I took out my cycle again and had it all serviced and stuff and I took it out for a spin yesterday as well as today. And it was fun. And tiring. And all of that is what made me write about this little part of my life.