Cyber Hub

Today’s Blogging 201 task tells us how we can make our blog a hub, a sort of headquarters where all our other cyberselves (like the ones on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr) are redirected and channeled. It is very interesting stuff but incredibly difficult to balance.

I already have a Twitter and Tumblr account, and a Facebook page (the links to which are available in my sidebar and also in this post). I’ve decided to take the advice of this article and personalise the way I publicise my posts on various social media. I guess it adds that little human touch that connects to people. It also means more work but I’m ready to do that.

I’ve also decided to finally take out some time to personalise my presence on other social networking sites and tailor the look and feel of those to the brand I intend to project collectively through this blog and social networking. If you follow me elsewhere, you’ll soon see the changes.

I’m still working out what platform I’ll be using for what exactly, and whether I’ll be able to use all of them equally well, but I’ll work it out soon.

Productive Social Networking

I’m catching up with Blogging 201, again. College work has burdened me a bit lately.

So the task was to dig deep into our social networks and use them to create communities and interact with them beyond the blog, thus adding a more personal touch and also a constant touch since one may not blog that often but can use things like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to constantly keep followers updated with our life.

I already have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Tumblr accounts, just like almost every other teenager these days. I’ve decided to create a dedicated Facebook page for my blog, which you can check out here. I’ve just created the page about an hour back so please don’t mind the emptiness. It will get more lively.

I have decided to make the most of the social networks I have and build a community on them. I think using questions and just random status updates is a great way to do so, and I can use Facebook and Twitter for the same. I’ll also be sharing links and other stuff that I find interesting, inspiring, funny or stimulating.

Here are links to my Twitter feed, Instagram and Tumblr, although you can also find them in the sidebar to the left.

So please like and follow! I see my blog and social media pages, one day, as a thriving community who is constantly rattling off comments, opinions and ideas among themselves and with me. To get there, I need you guys, my readers, to help by taking part in it. After all, there’s no blog without the community.