The Links You’ve Always Wanted

I have literally hundreds of websites and articles that I’ve bookmarked for future reference and they are VERY useful. I cannot possibly list them all here but I have listed ten of my favourites.

I will post 5-10 more in a while and 5-10 more and then a few more after that until I’ve exhausted all the links I have to share. After that too, I shall share every time I have a new link that’s really good.

So here are the Top 10 websites/articles that you need to visit, NOW!


  1. The Inspiration: This website has collections of sentences that, despite being just six words long, tell amazing stories. Head over to it if you’re looking to be inspired by these short bouts of stimulation.
  2. Quotivation: The motivation given by quotes. If you find motivation and inspiration in quotes then you must not miss this site.
  3. Fill in the Blanks: Can’t seem to find the word you’re looking for? This website is here to help you find the right word for almost every situation from sending your friend a thoughtful birthday message to writing the next great novel.
  4. Write in Peace: If you’re the kind of person who writes best without distractions then you’ve probably been looking for that perfect distraction-free writing interface. Look no further for this site gives you the perfect canvas to let your thoughts flow onto the digital paper.
  5. Expand Your Vocabulary: This article has a collection of the English language’s most beautiful words. Head over here to find new words that you can use.
  6. Cheer Up!: The world isn’t as dreary as you think it is. Check out this article to read about the world’s happiest facts which are sure to cheer you up (they worked for me)!
  7. Who Do You Write Like?: Want to know which famous writer you write like? This website analyses a piece of your writing and gives you the answer. Whether you’re looking for some more cheering up or just some fun, check out this website.
  8. Sciency Stuff: Science isn’t as hard as you think. Okay, maybe it is but you can definitely understand it in not-so-hard language, and for that there’s this website where a lot of seemingly stupid hypothetical questions are solved (accurately and scientifically) with the help of comic-y drawings and a dash of humour. Check this out for a little fun and maybe a little inspiration (for all you sci-fi fans) along the way.
  9. Keep Up With Movies and TV: Busy schedule? Can’t catch up with your favourite TV show? Missed a movie? Head over to this site to catch up with that TV show and that movie and a lot, lot more, for free, without downloading anything (and it’s safe).
  10. There’s More: Want more nifty little websites to fill up that bookmark bar? Head over to this site which has a ton of links which may look like a lot (and they are) but you’re sure to find a lot of sites that are a lot of use for you, sites you may not every discover otherwise. Don’t miss out on this!

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