Liebster Award II

Quizzically Challenged, again, nominated me for my second Liebster Award, for which I am ever grateful 🙂

The logo is already up there, I’ve thanked my nominator, so let’s move on to the questions I have to answer.

Of the nomination criteria I listed, which all apply to you?

A] These were the nomination criteria:

  1. Has not yet done their big project to be submitted the next day (no, you needn’t do it now.)
  2. Is reading Harry Potter in spite of having school the next day.
  3. Has read Harry Potter more than ten times.
  4. Has finished reading Harry Potter, flipped it over, and begun reading again.
  5. Has read The Phantom Tollbooth (if you haven’t: believe me, it’s worth it.)
  6. Thinks it’s worth staying up late to finish reading an awesome book.
  7. Is an editor on any Wikimedia Foundation project.
  8. Hails Google as their saviour.
  9. Knows how to spell the word pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis without a dictionary/copy-paste (in case you’re wondering, that’s what I did.)
  10. Has been nominated for a challenge by me before (including the previous challenge).

I’d have to go with 4, 6, 8, 9 (I think!) and 10.

What’s the last tab you closed on your browser?

A] The last tab I closed was that of Gmail.

Nerd, geek, both, or neither?

A] A bit of both.

What would you do if the next day was unexpectedly declared a holiday?

A] Ah, don’t we all love to fantasize? Well, let’s assume. If tomorrow was unexpectedly declared a holiday, first, I’d thank the almighty. Then I’d put on some music and read some books for a while, watch some movies or TV shows and then maybe do some college work.

Have you ever finished a book in one sitting? If so, which one?

A] No, never done that. I’m not that kind of a guy. I mean, no matter how much I like a book, I can never finish it in one sitting, unless of course, its really really short. I read a couple of chapters, sometimes a little more, at a time, then take a short break, then get back to reading. There’s only been a select few books which I’ve read about half of or even more in one sitting spanning over around two to three hours. One was David Baldacci’s Total Control and another one was Skipping Christmas by John Grisham.

Facebook, Google+ or something else?

A] Something else. I’m sure WordPress counts!

What is the funniest book/movie/TV show you’ve ever seen?

A] Funniest book has to be this book I read when I was 10 or 11, goes by the name Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger by Louis Sachar. Its actually the third book of what was a trilogy when I bought it (may have had more additions since I thought it was absolutely hilarious, still is even for my 17 – year – old – standards). You guys should check it out, it may be a little goofy and kiddish but it is written for kids after all. Its one of the funniest book I’ve read, there’s no real Number One, but this one is the book that came to my mind when I read this question. Funniest movie is a tossup between Pineapple Express, The Other Guys and the classic Golmaal. Funniest TV show has to be either Friends or Modern Family.

What do you hear right now?

A] Sirens wailing, people screaming and grunting and stuff. Yeah I’m Matt Murdock. Actually, what I hear is the desk fan whirring, the wind blowing, raindrops falling, cars honking, keys clacking.

What was the last thing you ate?

A] The last thing I ate was some bhelpuri that mom made for me. One word: amazing.

Do you think extraterrestrial life exists?

A] Yes, I find the notion that we’re alone in this universe too boring. I mean if I were God, or whoever is out there, I’m pretty sure I’d get real bored real fast with just one world. I’d definitely make tons more. Its just a matter of time before one finds out about another.


Same as the ones I nominated in The Very Inspiring Blogger Award II:

  2. Always Opinionated Girl
  3. James Patrick Casey
  4. Blog Number Ek
  5. Girl Next Blog
  6. Mumbai Maska
  7. Pan – American Perros

Questions for the Nominees:

  1. Favourite sweet dish (if any)?
  2. What’s the one place you want to go before you die, no matter what?
  3. What is your favourite genre of music?
  4. If I told you I can set up a meet with your future self, what would you expect him or her to be like?
  5. What is your favourite motivational quote?
  6. What sport do you follow? Which team/club do you support?
  7. If you had to give another name to your blog, what would it be and why?
  8. Are you a morning person?
  9. What’s the one thing you’d want to change about yourself?
  10. What would you do for the rest of your life if money was no issue?

Through with this one too, thanks for reading through, again, and stay tuned to JVW.

Over and out

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